Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My first Succesful Cake

                                                           top view
                                                               normal view
                                                             oven view

                                                                     My First Cake
This cake has been very special to me personally.After all my years trying to figure out why my cakes which i baked in the pased either turns out to be to hard or too soft like a pudding. This brownie was successful when i baked it and when i used a toothpick to poke to see whether it has been baked, it was a surprise for me. YES, it turn out well. Well, it looked very plain so i just brushed some melted chocolate on top and it looks so Yummy... Everytime, i look at this photos, i feel like taking a bite... DELICIOUSOOOO


  1. It looks good!!! What else are you baking?

  2. Yummy cake, I sure it is chocolate cake. I also cook cake same this shape of cake on my birthday, but it was strawberry cake. you remind my old days.
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